Cocoon Duvet Guide

Follow our duvet guide and get a perfect night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is important to our health. Thus, it is important to find the right duvet that fits your preferences and needs, so you too can get a perfect night’s sleep. We offer three different types of duvets that are all made by sustainable and natural commodities. Find out which to choose by following out duvet guide. There are two main parameters to consider when choosing the right duvet. That is the bedroom temperature and your body temperature. In our duvet guide we have illustrated which duvet to choose depending on these two parameters.

Sure, there are other tings to consider when choosing a new duvet. That can be price, size, how the duvet feels and wash-ability. This information can be found by looking through our duvet assortment here.

Regulating ability versus insulating ability

A duvet’s carrying capacity and insulating ability are often described as the two most important parameters when assessing the quality of a traditional feather or down duvet. Carrying capacity is an expression that can only be used in connection with feature and down duvets, and which describes the amount of air retained in a duvet’s filling. We often connect a high carrying capacity to a lovely light and full duvet. However, carrying capacity is also an expression for how well the duvet is able to insulate around the body. A high carrying capacity and good insulating ability are fantastic when we are freezing and want the duvet to retain warmth and keep the cold out. The problem with a good insulating ability is that the duvet will continue to retain the warmth even when you have stopped freezing, and the body can thus find it hard to get rid of the excess warmth over the course of the night. When the body cannot get rid of the warmth, it tries to cool itself down by sweating. When we sweat or feel too warm under the duvet, this is a sign that our duvet is too insulating for our sleeping environment. We therefore believe that it is important to choose a duvet that has a better regulating ability than insulating ability, so that the excess warmth and moisture are instead led away from the body when needed. In the duvet guide you can see which duvet that matches your needs and preferences.

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