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Breathable and waterproof mattress protector

Are you looking for a waterproof mattress protector that can protect your mattress against small accidents without compromising on the breathability of the mattress? At Cocoon Company we have developed a vast selection of unique mattress protectors that are both waterproof and breathable. Our mattress protector is very comfortable to sleep on due to the its unique combination of untreated cotton flannel and breathable membrane. This gives your child the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.

What is a breathable and waterproof mattress protector?

Accidents in the bed can occur for children in all ages. Cocoon’s breathable and waterproof mattress protector is a comfortable and discreet solution to protect the mattress from any accidents. The mattress protector goes on top of the mattress, underneath the regular sheet. Larger mattress protectors have elastic straps at the corners to secure the mattress protector to the mattress. This ensures the mattress protector will stay in place during the night and when you change sheets. Smaller sizes for carrycot, pram and cradle are not equipped with elastic straps, as they are not necessary to make the protector stay in place, when it is underneath a sheet.

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The issue with ordinary waterproof mattress protectors is that they are usually made with an impermeable plastic membrane or a simple plastic coating. These mattress protectors will prevent liquids from entering the mattress, but they will also prevent the body from breathing properly, and thus trap all heat and humidity between the body and the mattress protector. Ordinary mattress protectors are therefore often considered uncomfortable to sleep on.

It was essential in the development of our waterproof mattress protector, that the end-product was both breathable, sustainable, and comfortable to sleep on. Things that normal waterproof mattress protectors are usually not. We succeeded in that with our unique combination of luxurious untreated cotton fabric and our breathable and biodegradable membrane.

How to wash Cocoon’s waterproof and breathable mattress protector

Washing our mattress protector is very simple. However, for the sake of the environment, we recommend that you only wash the protector if necessary. The mattress protector is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and free of chemicals and does not have to be washed before use.

We recommend washing the mattress protector at 40 degrees, and maximum at 60 degrees, if accidents occur. Choose a heavy-duty washing program if possible, as the fabric can be heavy when wet. Some washing machines can find it difficult to spin the heavy protector when wet. If the mattress protector is still relatively wet after the first spin, we recommend an extra spin.

After washing, let the mattress protector hang and air-dry. Do not dry in the dryer.

Note that the mattress protector may shrink up to 8-10%.

Breathable and waterproof mattress protector for baby

Are you a parent? Then you properly know all the kinds of accidents that can occur in the cradle, crib or bed. Especially when the child must learn to sleep without a diaper. During this time, a breathable and waterproof mattress protector may prove indispensable. At Cocoon Company we have developed a vast selection of breathable, sustainable, and waterproof mattress protectors to carrycot, pram and beds in all sizes and shapes.

Breathable and waterproof mattress protector for junior

When your child grows older and moves from crib to a junior bed, it is no guarantee that the time with small accidents is over. Children of all ages can have problems with accidents in bed and a waterproof mattress protector can therefore be relevant for the junior beds as well.

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