Waterproof mattress protector 90×160


Do you wish to protect your child’s mattress from wet accidents? Then Cocoon’s waterproof and breathable mattress protector will be a good choice.

The breathable and waterproof mattress protector is made by 100% OKEO-TEX certified cotton-flannel with biodegradable membrane. The unique combination of cotton and membrane makes the protector very comfortable to sleep on. The mattress protector is soft and do not make any noise when the child moves. Also, as the mattress protector is breathable your child will not feel hot laying on Cocoon’s mattress protector.

It is easy to secure the protector to your child’s mattress as it has straps attached to the ends. Put the straps around the child’s mattress and they will keep the mattress protector in place even if your child is sleeping restlessly. Use your regular sheet on top.

Fits to a 90×160 mattress. Find all sizes here. 

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