Wool Adult Pillow 50×70

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With a wool pillow you get an enchanting night’s sleep. We do not compromise on your night’s sleep, and therefore we only choose the best materials.

100% natural and untreated merino wool from free-range Spanish sheep.
100% organically certified cotton
100% free of harmful chemicals

We use a longer wool fiber, which makes the wool pillow very soft and airy. You can have a wool pillow for many years, and it is an excellent alternative to a traditional foam or down pillow.

The wool pillow is available in three heights; low, medium and high. Choose between low, medium and high. Low is for you who sleep on your stomach. Medium is our standard pillow and high is higher than a regular pillow.

This wool pillow measures 50×70 cm, but is also available in 60×63 cm and 50×60 cm.

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Hovedpude 60x63 med merinould
Wool Adult Pillow 50×70
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