Wool Baby Duvet 70×100

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A wool baby duvet with merino wool is a good alternative to a silk duvet, as they have some of the same good properties and feel very similar. Merino wool is especially popular due to the wool’s absolutely fantastic temperature-regulating and moisture-absorbing properties. A baby duvet with wool is also antibacterial, and it should therefore not be washed like a traditional down duvet.

Research has shown that both children and adults sleep better in wool than many other traditional sleeping products. With a wool baby duvet, your child gets a good night’s sleep.

This wool baby duvet measures 70×100 cm, but is also available in 70×80 cm and 80×100 cm. Choose from three thicknesses; light / cool, medium / medium warm and heavy / warm.

The baby duvet is a year-round duvet.

Produced in Europe.

Merinould babydyne, økologisk og allergivenlig
Wool Baby Duvet 70×100
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