Meet the Dahlmann family

The story of Cocoon Company

The idea behind the family business Cocoon Company started in 2011 from a desire to create a greener world by developing 100% natural and hypoallergenic products focusing on organic materials, sustainability and the environment.

Actually, the story of Cocoon Company started long before 2011. More specifically, right back to when our youngest son Phillip was small. Phillip would get incredibly hot during the night and would often wake up damp with sweat. We tried all the traditional bedding materials such as down, feathers and foam, but they offered little help.

In our search for alternative materials we stumbled across the natural fibre kapok, which is fantastic for regulating warmth and moisture. By developing these kapok products, we not only found a solution for our son, but also a passion for creating the best and most natural bedding products for others, so that they too could achieve a perfect night’s sleep.

Since then our assortment has grown with more kapok products, a wool, bedding and maize product line and laundry products. We are constantly working to develop the best and most natural products for the benefit of both nature and our customers.

We hope you will enjoy our organic and sustainable Cocoon products.

Best regards Martin, Torben, Phillip & Jane

Familien Dahlamnn, Cocoon Company

On the picture you see Martin, Torben, Phillip and Jane Dahlmann

The name Cocoon comes from the idea of a small, environmentally-conscious business that, like a chrysalis, will develop into a green and sustainable butterfly – a butterfly that is your guarantee for a natural, hypoallergenic, chemical-free and organic bedding product!