We want to make a difference

– for you and our nature

At Cocoon Company, we are very committed to being sustainable by constantly challenging ourselves to utilize the world’s resources in the most responsible, best and natural way. By choosing natural, organic and environmentally friendly raw materials without adding chemicals or synthetic materials, we thereby reduce our imprint on the earth.

In addition to choosing our raw materials carefully, we also challenge ourselves to optimize the use of the world’s resources as best as possible. It is reflected in our product series Amazing Maize, that is made from a plant-based maize fiber which is a 100% recyclable resource and therefore also 100% biodegradable.

Another important topic to shed light on when talking about sustainability is how the products are manufactured. Most of our products are produced manually and processed as little as possible like our kapok, merino wool and laundry products. That is except our maize fiber. However, research shows that maize fiber production is almost 70% less demanding than regular synthetic fibers. That means that our maize fiber production is considered CO2 neutral.

Kvinde som syer en ulddyne

A good cooperation for the benefit of us and our partner

It is not only important to us that our products are environmentally friendly but also that they are produced in a proper way by happy and satisfied employees. That is why our production is SA8000 certified, which means that our production staff is treated properly and works under good and safe conditions. Read about the certificate here.

HHowever, it is not enough for us to just be certified, we want to be better than that. When we negotiate with our suppliers, it is important that our cooperation benefits both them and us. Great product quality and a good partnership is more important to us than getting the cheapest price for our commodities. That way we also help the local population by getting a fair income.